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Dear Life Drawing Group, my apologies for the repeated delays in restarting our Life Drawing sessions. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control require that I delay things longer still. I appreciate your patience. Stay tuned.

Continued creativity.

Paul Geiger


It has been a very long time since I have offered a Drawing Fundamentals Class. One begins on September 16th and runs for six consecutive Monday evenings from 6 – 9 pm.
Adults – $150, College Students – $125, High School Students – $100.
Supplies required: 18 x 24 inch pad of newsprint, Rough or Smooth. Six “Ebony Pencils.”

Essentially it is a Beginning Drawing Class, however, the material I present and the deliberate and sequential way it is presented will benefit the person picking up a drawing pencil for the first time as well as those who have been drawing for a while and want to do a little remediation. If you feel that what you learned in school was inadequately taught or understood and you want to fill in the gaps, this class is for you. The material can be handled in as sophisticated a manner as each student’s skills allow.
Everyone will be challenged. This is not, “How to draw Bambi” in three easy steps! That is formulaic copying and teaches nothing about perception which is at the heart of drawing. Drawing is about seeing. Moving the pencil is the easy part.

Please pass this info along to anyone you know who has a serious interest in learning how to draw or wants to build on what they already know. Of particular interest to me are high school  and college students who would greatly benefit from material they probably won’t get in school.

This six week course is actually Part 1. I once taught a 10 or 12 week course, but, that was a commitment that few could make. So, I divided the material in half and present one, two and three point perspective, and, light/shadow structure and inherent values in another 6 week session.

If interested, please contact me here at Tholepin or at

See you soon.


Paul G.

A Drawing Fundamentals Class

A Drawing Fundamentals Class!
6 weeks of Mondays, 6-9 pm.
March 26th – April 30th.
At Tholepin Press and Studios.
210 Elm St.
Adults: $150.
College students: $125.
High School Students: $100.
Paul Geiger – Instructor

This is a comprehensive class that explores the perceptual and mechanical skills needed to accurately draw what you see. If you have drawn before, but, need some remediation, or are picking up a drawing pencil for the first time, this class is for you! The supply list is simple and affordable . A 100 sheet pad of 18 x 24 inch (preferably Smooth) Newsprint and 6 “Ebony Pencils.” I love teaching this class more than any other drawing class!
It is so important to get the necessary drawing skills presented sequentially, at the very beginning of one’s development. We cover a lot of essential information that is neglected by drawing classes even at the college level. If any students are familiar with some of these ideas, they, perhaps, have never had them presented in this way before. If your already draw, but, you want to get better, give this a try. The simple ideas I present can be applied in a very sophisticated way, so that even the experienced draftsman will be challenged. We begin with basic tool control through a variety line exercises. Explore blind and modified contours, gesture drawings, measuring with the pencil, container shapes and apprehending simple proportional relationships. We discuss drawing symmetrical objects. Explore the precise and form following cross contour line. And, we touch on one and two point perspective This class is jam packed full of everything you need, to draw what you see in front of you or in your minds eye.
To register, contact me via Facebook message @ Life Drawing at Tholepin Press, at, or 419-243-4944.

A Fall class offering at Tholepin Press: Etching for Beginners. This class will explore various Intaglio techniques, both linear and tonal. The focus is on Line Etching using zinc or copper plates. Aquatint and Soft Ground will also be discussed as well as the direct techniques of Engraving and Drypoint. It begins Tuesday, Oct. 18th, and meets for 5 weeks through Nov. 15th. 6 – 9 pm. Cost $185. Learn the traditional etching technique practiced by Rembrandt and Whistler. Basic drawing skills are required for this class.

Intaglio is the incising of a design into or beneath the surface of a hard material. In Etching, this design is created through the action of acids, hence “etching.”

Materials needed for class:

  • Etching needle. Wooden handle No. 1 round point.
  • 16 gauge. Zinc plate, 5″ x 7″ or larger. At least one.
  • Brasso metal polish, 8 oz. can.
  • Drawing paper and pencils.
  • 3 inch “bent” Burnisher.
  • Scraper, 3 inch flat.
Brasso can be had at Kroger or Home Depot, etc.  The tools and plates I will seek to have stocked locally at The Art Supply Depo.
If time allows, also check Graphic Chemical and Ink and E.C. Lyons at their respective websites. Wonderful places to get ALL manner of Printmaking equipment, plates, inks and papers. You can also try Dick Blick, Daniel Smith, Cheap Joe’s, Jerry’s Artarama.



(Hindu Temple and Valentine Theatre Mural Artist)

This class is about giving you the “tools” needed to accurately represent what you see in front of you. If you think you can’t draw, or if you’ve been away from it for awhile, this is the class for you! If  your drawing has gotten to a certain level, but, you find that you are not getting any better, this class is for you. The material is presented in a very structured, deliberate and step-by-step approach that will build your technical and perceptual skills from one class to the next. The material presented in each class can be handled in a simple or sophisticated manner so that even more advanced students will be challenged

September 26th – October 24th

-Five weeks of Monday evenings.


-COST: $160.

Classes are held at Tholepin Press and Studios at 210 Elm St.
Elevator accessible.
Free parking.

Supplies will be kept to a minimum. An 18 x 24 inch 100 page pad of Newsprint (Preferably Smooth) and 6 “Ebony Pencils” is all you will need. Everything else is supplied.  Seating will be first-come-first-served and numbers will be kept low to maximize one-on-one instruction.

Those enrolled are also permitted to attend, free of charge during the course,  the weekly Figure Drawing Group that meets each Wednesday from 6pm – 9pm .

Prepayment is recommended to insure a spot.
If you are interested or have any questions please call:
Or Email Paul @: or

General Material covered : “Blind” and Modified Contour drawing – Gesture drawing – Measuring with the pencil and assessing proportions – Drawing still life and symmetrical objects using primary and secondary axes – Cross Contour and the representation of surface form – One, Two and Three Point Perspective – Light/Shadow Structure and Basic Value Development.

Tholepin Press and Paul Geiger’s studio are located along the river at 210 Elm St. – Just North of Downtown Toledo. It is the only door on Elm St. between Summit St. And Water St.