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  • Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 10 pm.
  • Saturday 1 – 5 pm.


Working independently without instruction:

  • $15 per 4 hour open session.
  • $35 per 3 consecutive (a week of) open sessions
  • $90 per 4 week period

Enrolled college students with current I.D.

  • $10 per 4 hour open session
  • $25 per 3 consecutive (one week of) open sessions
  • $65 per 4 week period

Use of Print Facility outside of set studio hours – $45.00 per 8 hour day. $8/hr. Other times by appointment. It is recommended that you call 419-243-4944 in advance to assure access.

Over time, pricing will be re-evaluated based on the costs of supplies, overhead, maintenance, etc.

At Tholepin we are dedicated to providing a quality creative experience at an affordable price.

All Printmakers must have had previous instruction in their technique of choice and must be able to display adequate proficiency  and familiarity with appropriate equipment.

A CONTRACT and WAIVER are signed to insure the safety and commitment of both the user and Tholepin.



Vertical and horizontal storage slots and a flat file drawer are available to those taking classes or using the facility on a monthly basis.

NO Metal Plates, inks or liquids in flat file drawers, please.


Intaglio Presses:

  • American French Tool 24″ x 48″
  • American French Tool 30″ x 52″
  • Charles Brand 16″ x 30″.

Relief Press:

  • 1890 Paul Shneidewend & Co. Washington Proofing Press 17″ x 22″ bed.

Lithography Presses:

  • Fuchs & Lang  lithography press. Bed 28″ 40″.
  • 13 foot long 1890’s French Oak Chassis press. Motorized. Bed 40″ x 54″


Ventilated acid booth. Ventilated spray booth. Etching blankets (felts). Two 27.5 x 36 inch Graphic Chemical hot plates. Two types of aquatint boxes. Tarletons for Black ink. Metal files. C-clamps. Paper Soaking trays. Light tables. 2 drying racks. Ink spatulas and inking slabs. Rulers. Paper cutters. Bench hooks. Sharpening stone. Screen washout area w/power washer (for water-based inks), Vacuum table and exposure units.

-Printmakers have access to limited space in the shop refrigerator and Microwave for snacks. Your items are to be removed from the fridge at the end of each session.


Reasonable use of Paper towels, Rubber Gloves and Newsprint. Craft and butcher paper rolls on dispensers. Nitric acid bath (Zinc). Dutch Mordant (copper). Basic solvents (Gum Turpentine, Mineral Spirits, Denatured Alcohol. Stop-out varnish. Liquid hard ground. Ball ground. Soft ground. Cleaners: Hand Cleaner, Simple green, vegetable oil. Black ink. Ink modifiers Plate oil, Mag, Talc. Phone books for wiping.

Users are encouraged to provide personal supplies: Plates, proofing/printing paper, tools, newsprint, inks, respirator, gloves, blotters, gum tape, stop-out varnish brushes, metal polish, spray lacquer aquatint, color inks, tarleton for color inks, buckets, sponges, etc.,.


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