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A Drawing Fundamentals Class

A Drawing Fundamentals Class!
6 weeks of Mondays, 6-9 pm.
March 26th – April 30th.
At Tholepin Press and Studios.
210 Elm St.
Adults: $150.
College students: $125.
High School Students: $100.
Paul Geiger – Instructor

This is a comprehensive class that explores the perceptual and mechanical skills needed to accurately draw what you see. If you have drawn before, but, need some remediation, or are picking up a drawing pencil for the first time, this class is for you! The supply list is simple and affordable . A 100 sheet pad of 18 x 24 inch (preferably Smooth) Newsprint and 6 “Ebony Pencils.” I love teaching this class more than any other drawing class!
It is so important to get the necessary drawing skills presented sequentially, at the very beginning of one’s development. We cover a lot of essential information that is neglected by drawing classes even at the college level. If any students are familiar with some of these ideas, they, perhaps, have never had them presented in this way before. If your already draw, but, you want to get better, give this a try. The simple ideas I present can be applied in a very sophisticated way, so that even the experienced draftsman will be challenged. We begin with basic tool control through a variety line exercises. Explore blind and modified contours, gesture drawings, measuring with the pencil, container shapes and apprehending simple proportional relationships. We discuss drawing symmetrical objects. Explore the precise and form following cross contour line. And, we touch on one and two point perspective This class is jam packed full of everything you need, to draw what you see in front of you or in your minds eye.
To register, contact me via Facebook message @ Life Drawing at Tholepin Press, at, or 419-243-4944.


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