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It has been a very long time since I have offered a Drawing Fundamentals Class. One begins on September 16th and runs for six consecutive Monday evenings from 6 – 9 pm.
Adults – $150, College Students – $125, High School Students – $100.
Supplies required: 18 x 24 inch pad of newsprint, Rough or Smooth. Six “Ebony Pencils.”

Essentially it is a Beginning Drawing Class, however, the material I present and the deliberate and sequential way it is presented will benefit the person picking up a drawing pencil for the first time as well as those who have been drawing for a while and want to do a little remediation. If you feel that what you learned in school was inadequately taught or understood and you want to fill in the gaps, this class is for you. The material can be handled in as sophisticated a manner as each student’s skills allow.
Everyone will be challenged. This is not, “How to draw Bambi” in three easy steps! That is formulaic copying and teaches nothing about perception which is at the heart of drawing. Drawing is about seeing. Moving the pencil is the easy part.

Please pass this info along to anyone you know who has a serious interest in learning how to draw or wants to build on what they already know. Of particular interest to me are high school  and college students who would greatly benefit from material they probably won’t get in school.

This six week course is actually Part 1. I once taught a 10 or 12 week course, but, that was a commitment that few could make. So, I divided the material in half and present one, two and three point perspective, and, light/shadow structure and inherent values in another 6 week session.

If interested, please contact me here at Tholepin or at

See you soon.


Paul G.


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