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(Hindu Temple and Valentine Theatre Mural Artist)

This class is about giving you the “tools” needed to accurately represent what you see in front of you. If you think you can’t draw, or if you’ve been away from it for awhile, this is the class for you! If  your drawing has gotten to a certain level, but, you find that you are not getting any better, this class is for you. The material is presented in a very structured, deliberate and step-by-step approach that will build your technical and perceptual skills from one class to the next. The material presented in each class can be handled in a simple or sophisticated manner so that even more advanced students will be challenged

September 26th – October 24th

-Five weeks of Monday evenings.


-COST: $160.

Classes are held at Tholepin Press and Studios at 210 Elm St.
Elevator accessible.
Free parking.

Supplies will be kept to a minimum. An 18 x 24 inch 100 page pad of Newsprint (Preferably Smooth) and 6 “Ebony Pencils” is all you will need. Everything else is supplied.  Seating will be first-come-first-served and numbers will be kept low to maximize one-on-one instruction.

Those enrolled are also permitted to attend, free of charge during the course,  the weekly Figure Drawing Group that meets each Wednesday from 6pm – 9pm .

Prepayment is recommended to insure a spot.
If you are interested or have any questions please call:
Or Email Paul @: or

General Material covered : “Blind” and Modified Contour drawing – Gesture drawing – Measuring with the pencil and assessing proportions – Drawing still life and symmetrical objects using primary and secondary axes – Cross Contour and the representation of surface form – One, Two and Three Point Perspective – Light/Shadow Structure and Basic Value Development.

Tholepin Press and Paul Geiger’s studio are located along the river at 210 Elm St. – Just North of Downtown Toledo. It is the only door on Elm St. between Summit St. And Water St.

New Equipment: A Generous Gift

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Tholepin Press and Studios at 210 Elm Street, Toledo OH was recently the recipient of some of the late Carolyn Autry Elloian’s printmaking equipment including inks, brushes, felts, acids, grounds, rosin, etc. 
…BUT,  most especially her new aquatint box.

Carolyn Autry's Aquatint Box

Carolyn’s meticulous aquatints are PERFECTION!! The aquatint box was made by the Polymetaal Co. in the Netherlands and is a wonderful addition to our shop. For those of you who were students of Mr. Elloian’s and knew his amazing wife, I don’t have to explain to you what an honor this is. For those of you who never had the cherished experience, no explanation is adequate. Master Printmakers and Master People of the highest order.
I am most grateful to Mr. Peter Elloian for his cosiderable generosity! It will be put to great use, and, thoughts and ispiration of the Elloians will be ever present. 

Where Is Tholepin?

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Formerly Water Street Printmakers, Tholepin Press is on the North side of Downtown Toledo between Summit and The Maumee River at 210 Elm Street. We’re on the 4th floor. All the way up.

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Regarding the mailing list. Many of you have responded and are already on it. In fact, the MailChimp system will check the form (to the right) and see if you’re already in there. Because if you’re not. We want you.

For general queries, please use the contact form over here.

Thank you. More soon.

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